Portland Mercury reviews StudioSKB

Glorious-Black-FTLMore fun comments on the Fade to Light show from The Mercury’s own Marjorie Skinner. Here’s what she said about our collection:
“Studio SKB had one of the most memorable presentations, with designer Sharon Blair opening with a clip from Roman Holiday of Audrey Hepburn getting her hair chopped off, while Blair herself sat on a stool getting her hair combed and pulled back into a ponytail. As the clip ended, Blair had her own long blond hair chopped short to donate to Locks of Love.

“The collection, which was accompanied by a slideshow featuring Audrey and Katherine Hepburn in different stages of their careers, consisted of looks inspired by the ’50s and early ’60s, but infused with a sense of ease and fun not usually seen during those decades.

“The highlights of the collection included a subtle plum colored plaid and some intricate lacework, as well as a series of very structured cropped jackets. The presentation concluded with a black New Look-inspired ensemble which, while maybe kinda literal, was stunning nonetheless.”
Read on: http://www.portlandmercury.com/mod/archives/2013/09/03/fade-to-light-summer-edition

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